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How much could you be saving by converting your BMW ?

Get converted to run on LPG in 2012

Arun Autogas, have been carrying out LPG conversions on BMWs since 1998. BMW X5 LPG Conversions; BMW 740i LPG Conversions; BMW 540i LPG Conversions; BMW 535 LPG Conversions.

An LPG conversion enables petrol vehicles to run on either LPG or Petrol controlled by the driver from inside the vehicle whilst realising cost savings of 40% over running on petrol.

And a dramatic reduction in particulate emissions, over 100 LPG's engines create the same amount of nitrous oxide (nox) as ONE diesel engined version. Simultaneously reduce your Carbon Foot print.

Used in town a BMW 318i converted by us saves nearly £1000 pa on LPG in only 10000 miles.

Fuel up with Autogas in any of the 1400 LPG stations and pay virtually half the price each litre bought. In February 2012 we sold LPG for £0.74 and petrol was £1.41 a litre. Keep over a £1000 in your pocket, each and ever year.

Handsome returns in distances as little as 10 000 miles. If you're based in the blue zone on the adjacent map we can help. If not, have a look at DriveLPG.

Our installations are all first class, fitted to the highest standards rather than down to the lowest price.

AAG have successfully LPG converted most BMW models including:


To find out how our quality LPG conversion to your BMW could really benefit YOU. Call Arun Autogas on 01903 715715 or Get a Quote Emailed

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